About Us


At a time when we are constantly warned of the adverse effects that humans have on global warming, we must do our part to help preserve this planet that we all call home.  Located on the Pacific Coast, we understand that preserving this beautiful environment is not just desirable, it is also necessary.  We believe that in order to preserve the beauty of the earth, we need to change the way we get around.  That is why we have devoted all of the resources at our disposal towards maintaining our environmentally friendly company – Beach City Mopeds.  For us, this is where going ‘green’ begins.  Our vision is that citizens of beach city communities leave their cars behind and ride their electric bikes, mopeds, scooters, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.  Not only will they be contributing to the effort to go green, but they will also help cities to better manage traffic and parking.

Fortunately, going green does not mean that we need to sacrifice our standard of life or the quality of our merchandise. In fact, all of our products are EPA/CARB (Green-sticker approved) and California legal, and all product components and manufacturing procedures are selected from the highest grade components.

We only deal with manufacturers that meet our level of excellence in the products we sell; this has led us to become a dealer for Vespa, Piaggio, SYM, Genuine and Lance Scooters.  To fully service our customers, we are a Department of Motor Vehicles approved dealer and can perform all our customers’ title and registration needs.

Thank you for doing your part.